Disponibili le FAQ e Regole da Torneo versione 3.2 per X-Wing

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Sono state rilasciate le versioni aggiornate delle Regole da Torneo Standard e delle FAQ, versione 3.2 di Settembre 2015!


Le principali novità introdotte dalle FAQ 3.2.1 sono:

  • Con Torrette Laser Binate e Missili a Grappolo si salta la dichiarazione del difensore nel secondo attacco
  • Alcune precisazioni su carte della Wave 7
  • I Modelli di Manovra possono essere utilizzati solamente per misurare il posizionamento delle navi e non le manovre di apertura

Il commento degli sviluppatori:

Previously, a ship could only remove its target lock if it spent its lock or acquired a target lock on a different ship. Among other things, this meant ships were prohibited from re-acquiring a target lock on a ship on which they already had a target lock. In the new ruleset, ships are free to re-acquire target locks on ships they already have locked.

In the old rulebook, the Activation phase contained an unintended glitch thanks to the placement of the Check Pilot Stress step after the Execute Maneuver step. Now that the Check Pilot Stress step of the Activation phase has been folded into the Execute Maneuver step, “Night Beast” will immediately clear his stress after executing a green maneuver and can then immediately perform a focus action before performing another action, such as a barrel roll.

The changes introduced with The Force Awakens Core Set do not result in a seismic shift. X-Wing is still the same game, just cleaned up, streamlined, and updated with a comprehensive Rules Reference.

Many of these interactions are quite subtle and are likely only to impact players competing at the very top tier, who have learned to master the rules and all their minutiae. Meanwhile, certain pilots who were sidelined due to quirks in the original ruleset will get a new lease on life, and ships like the HWK-290 and the M3-A Scyk fighter will no longer have to fear the dreaded Munitions Failure.

Le principali novità introdotte dalle regole da torneo 3.2.2 sono:

  • Modificato il conteggio del Pilota del Nashtah Pup
  • Se le navi grandi finiscono la partita con la metà o meno Punti integrità (Scafi + Scudi), l’avversario guadagna metà dei punti di quelle navi, migliorie incluse

Il commento degli sviluppatori:

This update to the tournament rules contains an important change to the way tournament scoring works: players will now earn half of the squad points of any enemy large ship that has been reduced to half its starting durability or lower. Previously, heavy hitting, hard-to-kill ships enjoyed an unintended advantage in tournament play: they could act as a sort of bank vault for squad points, allowing players to run out the clock and eke out wins in games they may have otherwise lost. With this change, the power of that strategy will diminish, at least to a degree. We believe this change will help ensure that a greater number of squads are tournament viable, improving the overall competitive diversity of the game. Additionally, we have clarified what is and is not allowed during squad deployment: players are free to use movement templates and range rulers to assist with placing their ships in the setup area, but may not use these tools to plot out the future movements of their ships in advance.

Palata definitiva sulla tomba del meta a due navi, finalmente tornano gli sciami a dire la loro!

Le regole sono disponibili nell’area Downloads.

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Le nuove FAQ e regole da torneo entreranno in vigore dal 1 Ottobre 2015, con l’obbligatorietà in torneo del nuovo mazzo danni dal 1 Gennaio 2016.