SW Chain Code Initiative

Announcing a new community resource for the players!

The past two years have been very challenging for tabletop gaming, and while many of us have dearly missed being at the table, the X-Wing community rallied together not only to keep the game alive, but thrive beyond measure. As we return to the tables, a few of us have been thinking about how to keep that momentum going and make the return to in-person play one of the most exciting chapters in X-Wing history.Building on the efforts of content creators, shop owners, tournament organisers, community leaders and advocates of the game, we’re exploring what the next steps could be. To begin with, these include:

  • A resources hub to help new and old players alike find the best X-Wing tools and content
  • A shared, global, event calendar and visual map to find your next game night or tournament, whether it is in-person or online
  • Support materials encouraging tournament organisers to host more events and bring more people to the game
  • A content creator database with up-to-date feeds for your X-Wing cravings
  • An optional player tracking system connected to squadbuilding tools and tournament organising systems for you to track your performance (a powered up version of the GSid introduced by Gold Squadron Podcast!)

Over the next few weeks, we’d like to share that vision with you as it develops, and encourage you to be part of the movement to bring in-person Star Wars tabletop gaming roaring back to life. Look out for us dropping into your favourite podcasts,forums and Discord servers.In the meantime, don’t be shy to share your ideas – we’d love to hear them!


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