X-Wing Team Championship

Infopack V2 – updated 7/2019

Team lists

XTC 2019 Lists

Event rules and format

Team composition

Each team will be formed by 5 players, max 1 for each faction choosing from the 7 available (Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Scum and Villainy, Resistance, First Order, Galactic Republic, Separatist Allliance).

Each team will have a 200 points-squad for each chosen faction (Extended Format). The lists must be sent to info@starfightersitalia.com

deadline: July 31st 2019, 6pm GMT+1.

There are NO LIMITS regarding unique pilots or unique/generic upgrade cards that can be used in the different squads.

Additional team members and in-game communication

Each team can have an extra member as ‘non playing captain’ (NPC)/coach/1st reserve, who will be allowed to:
– give general advices to his teammates during the matches (for example suggesting a more offensive/defensive approach, give updates on the points destroyed/win conditions, or on the time remaining for the match, etc.);
– give updates on the other matches of the team;
– discuss with the captain/coach of the opponent team about rules arguments BEFORE calling the Judge;
– replace one of his teammates if necessary (1 ROTATION ALLOWED FOR EACH ROUND, to be done before pairings), obviously maintaining the same list.
As a general rule, captains and coaches will be the only team members allowed to move between the tables and to talk with their teammates during the matches; all communications should be in English.

List delivery instructions

1) LOG IN TO https://raithos.github.io/;
2) Select ENGLISH as language;
3) Compose the squads. Please do not use SQUAD NAMES such as “rebel beef”, “Nymanda”, etc., USE the following formatting:
(remember to save!)
4) Copy the LINK;
5) SEND AN EMAIL TO info@starfightersitalia.com with the following formatting:
SUBJECT: XTC 2019 lists – *team*;

TEAM ATTACHES: (partners, friends, etc, that you expect being at the venue. we’ll bring name tags!)
link 1
link 2
link 3
link 4
link 5.

List delivery notes

  • Feel free to add any relevant notes or useful communications at the end.
  • We are working in a fair and trustworthy environment. Please do not push boundaries and ask for “a peek” at other lists or any shenanigans.
  • Unsportsmanship conduct will not be accepted or tolerated before the tournament, at the venue and after the event.
    Email formatting is pretty important for the organization, as will allow also the streamers to have consistent information beforehand.
  • Feel free to add XWS or PDFs of the squads to the email. THE LINKS ARE MANDATORY. THE REST IS OPTIONAL.
  • I would have loved to use the official app, but at the moment it’s a hot mess.
  • In case you spot errors in your squadrons before the publishing, send an email with the revised link. We are not taking responsibility for errors/mistakes found after the lists are published.
  • Lists will be published in an online pdf hosted on www.starfightersitalia.com (and google drive). It will have both links and fancy lists, formatted in an easy to read way. lists will have full card abilities IN ENGLISH to avoid any language issues.


  • Who will see the lists before publication?
    Only the head judge/head organization, for formatting and publishing purposes.
  • How long will it take to publish?
    Lists deadline is July 31, 6 pm. Lists will be published by Friday, August 2nd, 23:59 (IN CASE WORK GETS IN THE WAY PUBLICATION WILL BE DELAYED TO SATURDAY).
  • How can we see the lists?
    You will receive a link with a collated PDF + a link to a folder with all single PDFs. Before the event, the streamers will receive a document with all XWS squads.

Tournament format

The tournament will be a 10-round-Swiss with no cut.
First pairing will be casual, then following the ranking as normal (Squad Victories > Players Victories > Margin of Victory).

Final ranking will be based on:
2) Players victories;
3) Margin of Victory (MoV);
4) Strength of Schedule (SoS).

Each game will be of 75 minutes + about 30 minutes for the pairings (ABOUT 1h 45mins for each round).
Draft tentative timetable:

  • Wednesday 21/8:
    • 9.00-9.30  Registration
    • 9.30-11.15 Round 1
    • 11.25-13.10 Round 2
    • Lunch break
    • 14.10-15.55 Round 3
    • 16.05-17.50 Round 4
    • 18.00-19.45 Round 5
  • Thursday 22/8:
    • 9.30-11.15 Round 6
    • 11.25-13.10 Round 7
    • Lunch break
    • 14.10-15.55 Round 8
    • 16.05-17.50 Round 9
    • 18.00-19.45 Round 7
    • Award ceremony and photos

Pairings and points

To facilitate pairings procedures we suggest the use of a card for faction/player combination of the team, with the faction clearly stated on the card. These will be referred to as FACTIONS in the following paragraph.

Printable cards with the 7 factions will be posted online and available to all teams to download, customize and print. In addition, the organization will provide some additional hardcopies to the captains.

Please mind that Factions should be paired and not players, to avoid confusion in case of player swaps or coaches subbing in for unavailable players. The captain is responsible for pairings procedures but can consult with his teammates.

Follows a video and text guide about how pairings work at the XTC

Oliver Pocknell’s handy pairing guide: try pairing a few times before attending the event!
  1. each captain secretly chooses a faction from his team (‘attacking’);
  2. the ‘attacking’ faction s are revealed simultaneously;
  3. each captain secretly pairs two of the other factions of his team (‘defenders’) to the ‘attacking’ opposing faction (for example placing the two corresponding cards face-down near the face-up card corresponding to the ‘attacking’ opposing faction);
  4. the ‘defenders’ are revealed simultaneously;
  5. each captain secretly chooses one of the two opposing ‘defenders’ to play against his ‘attacking’ player;
  6. pairings chosen this way are revealed simultaneously; the remaining ‘defender’ from each team goes back to the ‘player’s pool’ (the corresponding card goes back in his captain’s hand);
  7. same as point 1, each captain secretly chooses another available faction from his team as ‘attacking’;
  8. same as point 2;
  9. each captain gives to the opposing captain the two remaining faction cards of his team;
  10. each captain secretly chooses one of the two remaining factions of the opposing team to play against his ‘attacking’ player;
  11. pairings chosen this way are revealed simultaneously;
  12. the remaining player from team A plays against the remaining player from team B.

In case of irregularities or controversies the Judge can intervene and, if necessary, allow one captain to decide one or more pairing/s by himself as a penalty given to the opposing team. In the case of infractions from both teams, the Judge himself will decide the pairings.


Each match will give 1 Team Victory to the winning team and 1 Player Victory for each player’s victory. The possible results will be 5-0, 4-1, 3-2, 2-3, 1-4, 0-5, there will be NO 4-1 ‘VICTORY CAP’.


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