Star Wars Chain Code Project – Update #1

Greetings pilots, generals and admirals!

Last week “The Chain Gang” – as appointed by the Midwest Scrub himself – has announced the creation of a portal to integrate Star Wars tabletop community resources and connect players and event organizers all over the world.

Static link to the original announcement:

We are happy to hear you are excited about our venture and the feedback received has been fantastic. We’re going to update you progressively during the development of the main hub and its features. After all, this is a project for you, the community!

In the meantime, please check these links to learn more about Project Chaincode. Every link touches different aspects and features of the project – so if you have some time on hand, be sure to check them all out!

We look forward to your continued suggestions and feedback about this initiative. Please send an email to – we’ll note your considerations in the suggestions box and pass them to the relevant people in the team.

Best seasonal wishes and keep an eye out for the next update!


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