Star Wars Chain Code Project – Update #2

Content creators, we want your links for the ChainCode hub! Fill the form in this post!

Greetings pilots, generals and admirals! A special message for all you content creators out there. Whether you have a blog, podcast, video channel or you produce gaming aids and game materials… we want you on board!

Please fill the form at the following link with all relevant data to have your resources collected and linked in the (currently under construction) central SWCHAIN database. Please note that the EMAIL of the responsible should be the one that in the future will be linked to your Content Creator Chain Code Account.


The Chain Gang is super happy about the additional feedback collected during the holiday season and the Tech Team is working hard on the magically magic technologies that will run behind the scenes: technologies have been investigated and selected, basic structure of the web hub has been determined and… we have a website! – that is currently W.I.P. but we’ll share soon the address, so you can pinpoint it in your browsers’ favourite tab.

We look forward to your continued suggestions and feedback about this initiative. Please send an email to – we’ll note your considerations in the suggestions box and pass them to the relevant people in the team.

What’s SW Chain Code?

If you want to learn more about the SW Chain Code initiative, please refer to the following links. We have done a “Podcast World Tour” Every link touches different aspects and features of the project – so if you have some time on hand, be sure to check them all out!

A due disclaimer

No worries, there’s no Blockchain bullsh*t involved in the project. See
What is a Chain Code in Star Wars Lore?


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